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Welcome to Regular Guy Movie Reviews

Welcome to Regular Guy Movie Reviews. I am doing this project because of a few reasons. First, I love movies. I have always loved them Growing up an only child movies were a way to escape the boredom that came from being alone much of the time. Second, I love to write and love to do it in a way that others will read and get something out of. Sure they might not agree and they might argue and I will argue back but to me, that is staisfying as then I know my words are making an impact.

Star Wars -1977 One of my favorite movies.

Still gives me chills.

Lastly I wanted a place that a regular guy like myself could go to read about movies and get a normal review. I am not a film student, some high and mighty type that only looks at the ” art ” of a film and thumbs my nose at what might be popular. I love movies that are fun, so it could be Star Wars or Adam Sandler, it could be Schindlers List or maybe Paul Blart Mall Cop. If I watch it and when the credits roll I find I enjoyed the movie, I don’t care what others might think of my taste, I will let you know. If I see something that just stinks to the high heavens, I will tell you that too. So buckle up kids and let’s hit it!