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Monthly Archives August 2017

Get Out- Get Out? No Get In Here And Watch This!

Get Out is a movie labeled as a horror film but I think it is more approriately a thriller much in the vein of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie. Much of the terror is in our own minds and is a refreshing twist from all the gore porn type horror movies that have come out in the last decade or so. The gore for the sake of torturing a viewer type movie as actually turned me off from the whole genre but movies like Get Out could lure me back in.

I don’t want to give up too much about the movie as spoilers are the devil at work in my opionion but I will admit I went into this movie pretty much spoiled as I watched it on the suggestion of my 18 yr old daughter and after listening to her synopsis I was sold and had to see it. ¬†Once again the trailer spoils a lot of the movie but it still worth watch...

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Atomic Blonde- James Bond meets Debbie Harry?

I went into Atomic Blonde hoping to see a good action movie with a hot blonde. None other then Charleze Theron was playing the lead roll and she has some pretty good acting chops plus she is easy on the eyes. I really had no idea what the movie was about, having seen the trailer for the movie some months before I had the chance to see the flick. Here is the trailer for those interested. Be for warned, I watched the trailer again after seeing the flick and it is just like many Hollywood trailers, they show way too much about the movie and I feel had I saw the movie right after the trailer, it might have not been as enjoyable. Spoilers suck especially when the studio does it.

Anyway, for those that are still with me, the basic plot is the time is around time the Berlin Wall is falling and t...

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