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Atomic Blonde- James Bond meets Debbie Harry?

I went into Atomic Blonde hoping to see a good action movie with a hot blonde. None other then Charleze Theron was playing the lead roll and she has some pretty good acting chops plus she is easy on the eyes. I really had no idea what the movie was about, having seen the trailer for the movie some months before I had the chance to see the flick. Here is the trailer for those interested. Be for warned, I watched the trailer again after seeing the flick and it is just like many Hollywood trailers, they show way too much about the movie and I feel had I saw the movie right after the trailer, it might have not been as enjoyable. Spoilers suck especially when the studio does it.

Anyway, for those that are still with me, the basic plot is the time is around time the Berlin Wall is falling and tensions are high between the East and West and a bunch of spys are all after the same thing. It is standard Spy Movie Plot 101 as the spies all want some list with all thier identies on it which would if in the right or wrong hands, spell certain doom for them and their agencies. Yeah I have seen this same plot in many movies and tv shows but what made this one more enjoyable was the timeline being in the late 80s. No fancy tech! That means the list wasn’t on a fancy USB stick or a micro SD card hiding stealth like in a teen girls iPhone case. No this was the era where thiings were on microfiche and cell phones were something only the most elite might have. This made the movie much more enjoyable in my opinion.

Another great thing from the era was the cars in the background. Being a car guy I always notice when a movie makes an effort to have period correct and accurate cars in a film and this one they get a grade of A+. It might be worth a look on DVD or Netflix later just to watch for the background stuff, I enjoyed it that much. The soundtrack to the movie was stellar, with a great mix of oringal 80s hits of the era ranging from pop to techno sounds and many of them remade in a more mordern sound depending on the situation. When it was music the characters were interacting with it stayed true to the original but when it was for the viewer it was cleverly remixed and modernized. Atomic Blonde 2017

The actual movie is a great bit of spy thriller/action movie that has many twists and turns and without spoiling it, a pretty crafty ending. You feel real tension in many scenes and the while the acting was a little flat for most of the cast, Theron nails it with her character. I had feared going in that she was going to be a super hero type spy and get into a lot of combat and come out looking like she stepped off the model runway. I am pleased to say she reminded me more of The Bride in Kill Bill where she not only gives a beat down but takes a fair bit of beating as well. The action was great and yeah a bit over the top at times but I didn’t sign up for a documentary on the KGB/MI6 relations in the 80s, I wanted to see cars flipping, guns blazing and ass kicking! I got all that and more in this movie.

There were some clever moments that made me think it was just shot for the trailer, like the line “Don’t shoot, I have your shoe” and the strangly out of place lesbian encounter mid film that does have a place in the plot line but it felt a bit forced if you ask me. Like they just put it in the film so fanboys in basements everywhere would go see Charlize Theron getting it on with a sexy brunette.

Anyway, if you get a chance to see it in the theater, it is worth a ticket if you are into gritty spy thrillers. If you are on the edge about deciding then maybe you should wait until the DVD comes out. I would give the movie a solid B if I was grading it. Til next time, cya!