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Get Out- Get Out? No Get In Here And Watch This!

Get Out is a movie labeled as a horror film but I think it is more approriately a thriller much in the vein of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie. Much of the terror is in our own minds and is a refreshing twist from all the gore porn type horror movies that have come out in the last decade or so. The gore for the sake of torturing a viewer type movie as actually turned me off from the whole genre but movies like Get Out could lure me back in.

I don’t want to give up too much about the movie as spoilers are the devil at work in my opionion but I will admit I went into this movie pretty much spoiled as I watched it on the suggestion of my 18 yr old daughter and after listening to her synopsis I was sold and had to see it.  Once again the trailer spoils a lot of the movie but it still worth watching for the actors compelling protrayals.  The movie stars Danial Kaluuya and Allison Williams as a young couple heading to her parent’s for a meet the new boyfriend type of trip.

Current race issues in the country feed nicely into this flicks dynamic as there are a few scenes of racial tension that are believable as well as topical. Right from the start Kaluuya’s character Chris Washington feels uncomfortable in this setting of what appears to be a rich white family’s estate where he meets his girlfriend Rose’s parents and soon after thier two black employees, who are more like servants.  They are quickly explained in a nice manner but the awkwardness is duly noted.

From here on things keep getting creepier and creepier for Chris and before long he has some hands on experience with some of the strange behaviour going on this household. Soon a bunch of white people show up in the form of guests for some annual shindig the family  hosts every year and soon Get Out Danial Kaluuya Aliison WilliamsChris is paraded around like the trophy black friend as if to try to prove how much these white guilt riddled rich people are actually hip to the plight or some shit like that.  Chris has more then a few WTF moments at the party and when he snaps a picture of a strangely acting fellow black man at the party things go from being uncomfortable to down right weird and a bit terriying for Chris.

Chris has a friend back home, Rod who is watching his dog and he occasionally calls to check in on the dog and to tell  about this crazy weird family and his buddy who works for the TSA is quick to try to convince Chris to leave  as soon as he can before he is turned into a sex slave. Rod has quite the over active imagination it seems but is a geniune guy and only wants to protect his friend.   I can’t tell much more without ruining it for you but I can tell you that the movie builds to a cresendo that is oddly satisfying yet also to me leaves many unanswered questions.  I did enjoy the movie and was glad to have watched it.  While I was writing this review I actually came across some other reviews and realized exactly why I put this site up. So many reviewers were looking to make some big moral statement in their review some even tryining to inject themselves as the victim somehow. People, it was a medium budget thriller with a fresh cast and an interesting topic that could have happened at any time but just seems topical in the time frame in which it was released.  It is out on DVD now so you can probably hit your local Red Box and pick up some popcorn and drinks and watch this one with your better half for a fun night of scares and OMG moments.  Until next time, cya!